Felixstowe Train Travel Information - Felixstowe Station Guide


Felixstowe to Ipswich Train Service Overview  
Abellio Greater Anglia operates the Felixstowe to Ipswich train services daily, mainly on an hourly frequency headway Mondays to Saturdays with a reduced service on Sundays operated by life expired single car Class 153 diesel multiple units 
All trains to/from Felixstowe stop at Trimley, Derby Road (Ipswich) and Westerfield 
All trains connect into mainline services at Ipswich to London Liverpool Street and Norwich plus services to Cambridge, Peterborough and Lowestoft 
In the event of late running Felixstowe trains, it is not Abellio Greater Anglia policy to hold connecting trains at Ipswich or to hold the Felixstowe train at Ipswich for late trains from London and Norwich except for the last train of the day! 
Trains operates to an annual average of 49% punctuality within 5 minutes of the timetable
Trains are regularly delayed by freight trains having priority on the line or cancelled at short notice. due to late running and freight train priority combined with Abellio Greater Anglia inefficiency in train/traincrew scheduling with no guaranteed provision of bus replacement transport.
A 53 seat bus operated by Panther travel is on standby at Ipswich everyday to cover cancelled trains but will not operate to the train timetable and will not call at Westerfield then stopping only at the designated "Rail Replacement bus stops only at Derby Road (Bus stop Rosehill Primary School) Trimley (Bus stop High Road/Station Road Not at the station!) Felixstowe (Outside station Coop/Homebase car park). Passengers travelling from Felixstowe/Trimley to Ipswich are advise to use First Ipswich bus routes 75 76 & 77 (Train Tickets not valid unless authorised by Abellio) as once the replacement bus (53 Passengers) is full passengers will be left stranded. Taxi's can only be authorised by Abellio. If passengers decide to take taxi's at their own discretion they will not be entitled to refund from Abellio. 
At some weekends (mainly on Sundays and Public Holidays) the line will be closed for track improvement work. A replacement bus service is provided and operated by First Ipswich between Felixstowe and Ipswich stopping at the designated "Rail Replacement" Bus stops Only!
Rail replacement buses offers free travel between Felixstowe and Ipswich as Abellio do not provide conductors to travel on the buses. 
Felixstowe & Trimley Station Information 

Felixstowe and Trimley Stations are unstaffed stations, emergency help telephones, “Real Time” train information monitors and Automated Ticket Machine (Felixstowe only) and limited "Public Address" announcements (primary used for train cancellations) are provide with limited seating, covered waiting areas and cycle storage. 
There are no official car parking facilities.
The Coop/Homebase car park at Felixstowe is for shoppers only with maximum 2 hour stay with a penalty fine enforce by number plate recognition for overstays. Land sold for retail development to the rear of station could have provided pay and display parking for 50+ cars! 
Both stations have “Disabled” access but disabled passengers with wheelchairs are advised to telephone 0800 0282878 prior to travelling for the traincrew to be prepared to board the disabled customer. 
The Emergency Telephone is answered by Notwork Rail Staff usually in York or Mumbai at weekends. Persons talking calls when providing train information only quote information from the National Rail Enquiries website which is often misleading and confusing!

Purchasing Tickets
An "Automated Ticket Machine" has been installed on the platform at Felixstowe to purchase tickets prior to travelling and collecting tickets booked in advance. If not familiar with these machines they can be time consuming to use.
Ticket Machines manage by Abellio are not programmed to sell the cheapest "Off Peak" Tickets especially to destinations outside the Abellio operating area and are vulnerable to card fraud (Cloning).
Ticket machines are being installed at random rural stations throughout Suffolk and Norfolk with the long term plan for the next "East Anglia Rail Franchise" to remove conductors from trains and replace by random revenue protection inspections and penalty fares for travelling without a valid ticket. 
To safeguard the future of conductors on trains it is advised to purchase tickets on the train from the conductor as they can issue all types of walk on tickets to all destinations across the "National Rail Network". If possible if travelling outside the "Greater Anglia Network" for the best fare deals for Advance and Walk on tickets book online at "Virgin Trains" as Abellio conductors have a very limited knowledge of the "National Rail Network"! 
Child fares apply to children aged between 5 and 15 inclusive. Children pay half the adult fare on most tickets purchased for immediate travel 
Bicycles are conveyed free of charge, trains are restricted to 4 bicycles. 
A list of popular destination fares from Felixstowe and Timley can be found on the "Train Fare Page" Click Here to view. 
For the complete guide to Tickets Click Here to view 
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Tickets must be retained for passing through the barrier at Ipswich or at the destination station, On busy services conductors frequently fail to collect fares, in this instance fares must be paid at the barrier or if you are lucky you will travel free!