Felixstowe Schools and Colleges Bus Timetables (Operates from 5 September 2016)

 978 Old Felixstowe to Ipswich Northgate & St Albans Schools     (Operated by First Ipswich under contract to SCC)
  Mondays to Fridays  School Terms Only
Old Felixstowe, Western Ave, Butermere Gn07:50 Ipswich, Northgate School 15:20     
Old Felixstowe, Gosforth Way07:55 Ipswich, St Albans School 15:30  
Old Felixstowe, Looe Rd, Rosemary Ave07:57  Ipswich, St Augustine Church, Felixstowe Rd15:38  
Felixstowe, opp Great Eastern Square08:00 Warren Heath, Trinity Park15:40  
Felixstowe, Leopold Rd08:03 Nacton, Crossroads15:44  
Walton, Half Moon 08:09 Trimley St Martin, Hand in Hand15:49  
Trimley St Martin, Three Mariners 08:14 Trimley St Martin, Three Mariners 15:51  
Trimley St Martin, Hand in Hand08:17  Walton, Half Moon 15:54 
Nacton, Crossroads08:23  Felixstowe, Leopold Rd15:56 
Warren Heath, Trinity Park08:26 Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square 16:00 
Ipswich, St Augustine Church, Felixstowe Rd08:30 Old Felixstowe, Western Ave, Butermere Gn16:05 
Ipswich, Hospital Woodbridge Rd08:36 Old Felixstowe, Gosforth Way16:10 
 Ipswich, Northgate School 08:42  Old Felixstowe, Looe Rd, Rosemary Ave16:12 
 Felixstowe Grange Farm to Ipswich Suffolk One     (Operated by Ipswich Buses under contract to SCC)
  Mondays to Fridays College Terms Only
Felixstowe, Grange Farm Ave Owl & Pussy Cat08:25   Ipswich, Suffolk One  16:00 
Felixstowe, Mill Lane08:30 Felixstowe, Grange Farm Ave Owl & Pussy Cat16:33
Felixstowe, Gt Eastern Square08:32 Felixstowe, Mill Lane 16:38
Walton, Half Moon08:34 Felixstowe, Gt Eastern Square 16:40
Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way08:40 Walton, Half Moon 16:42
Ipswich, Suffolk One 09:10   Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way16:50 
 WE007 Felixstowe to Otley College     (Operated by Beestons under contract to SCC)
  Mondays to Fridays  School Terms Only
Felixstowe, Garrison Lane, Coach Park07:45                    Otley College 16:40                  
Felixstowe, Palace Cinema07:48  Grundisburgh, Green16:51 
Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square07:50   Woodbridge, Grundisburgh Rd17:00  
Trimley St Martin, Three Mariners07:56   Woodbridge, Market Hill17:03  
Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way 07:59  Woodbridge, Deben Swimming Pool17:10  
Kirton, White Horse08:03  Woodbridge, Ipswich Road, Duke of York17:13  
Bucklesham, Primary School08:10  Martlesham Heath, Eagle Way Link Road17:19  
Martlesham Heath, Eagle Way Link Road08:14  Bucklesham, Primary School17:23  
Woodbridge, Ipswich Road, Duke of York08:20  Kirton, Green17:30  
Woodbridge, Deben Swimming Pool08:23  Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way 17:34  
Woodbridge, Market Hill08:26  Trimley St Martin, Three Mariners17:37  
Woodbridge, Grundisburgh Rd08:30  Felixstowe, opp, Great Eastern Square17:43 
Grundisburgh, The Dog08:39  Felixstowe,  Orwell Road, Bank Corner17:47  
Otley College08:50  Felixstowe, Garrison Lane, Coach Park17:50  

  WE937 Felixstowe to Woodbridge Schools  This service Ends Fri 31/03/17 

 Mondays to Fridays College Terms Only 
Felixstowe, Garrison Lane, Coach Park07:30                       Woodbridge, Abbey School16:17 
Felixstowe, Leopold Rd07:33  Woodbridge, St Marys School16:22 
Felixstowe, Palace Cinema07:34  Woodbridge School16:25 
Old Felixstowe, Church Lane, White Horse07:41  Martlesham Heath, Eagle Way 16:34
Old Felixstowe, Colneis Rd, Sunningdale Drive07:44 Bucklesham, Primary School16:43 
Walton, Half Moon07:49  Kirton, Green16:47 
Trimley St Martin, Three Mariners07:51  Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way 16:51 
Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way 07:53  Trimley St Martin, Three Mariners16:52 
Kirton, White Horse07:57  Walton, Half Moon16:55 
Bucklesham, Primary School08:01  Felixstowe, Palace Cinema17:02 
Martlesham Heath, Eagle Way 08:10  Old Felixstowe, Church Lane, White Horse17:09 
Woodbridge, Abbey School08:20  Old Felixstowe, Colneis Rd, Sunningdale Drive17:12
Woodbridge, St Marys School08:25  Felixstowe, Garrison Lane, Coach Park17:18 
Woodbridge School08:29  
 512-174 Felixstowe to Kesgrave High School     (Operated by Dabs & Ipswich Buses under contract to SCC)
  Mondays to Fridays  School Terms Only
Operator:   DS      Operator:    IB     
Service No:  512 Service No:   174 
Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square 07:28 Kesgrave High School  15:45 
Walton, Half Moon 07:32 Martlesham, Tesco Extra  15:54  
Trimley St Mary, Station Rd07:34 Martlesham Heath, Eagle Way Link Road 15:57 
Foxhall, Shepherd & Dog07:47 Waldringfield Heath, Crossroads 16:05  
Nacton, The Street07:52 Waldringfield, Mill Rd16:09 
Nacton, Primary School07:54 Newbourne, Fox  16:15  
Levington, Village Hall07:58  Newbourne, Jacksons Corner 16:18 
Levington, Red House Farm08:00 Kirton, Green16:23  
Newbourne, Fox08:20 Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way  16:28  
Waldringfield, Primary School 08:25  Trimley St Mary, Faulkners Way 16:32 
Kesgrave, High School08:40  Walton, Half Moon  16:37  
   Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square 16:41 
 75 Felixstowe Grange Farm to Felixstowe Academy (Operated by First Ipswich) 
 Mondays to Fridays  School Terms Only 
Felixstowe Mill Lane, Surrey Rd 07:30 Felixstowe Academy   15:11  
Felixstowe, Coronation Drive, Anne Street 07:32  Felixstowe, opp: Great Eastern Square   15:20 
Felixstowe, Grange Farm Ave, Crossgate Field 07:41  Felixstowe, Coronation Drive, Anne Street  15:28 
Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square  07:55  Felixstowe, Grange Farm Ave, Crossgate Field  15:36  
Felixstowe Academy  08:01 Felixstowe Mill Lane, Surrey Rd 15:43 

  76/76A Old Felixstowe to Felixstowe Academy (Operated by First Ipswich) 
Mondays to Fridays  School Terms Only  
                                                                                              76A                                                                                                         76                                 
Felixstowe, Grove Medical Centre, Colneis Rd07:47   Felixstowe Academy   14:55  
Old Felixstowe, Rosemary Ave, Looe Rd07:48  Felixstowe, opp: Great Eastern Square   15:03 
Old Felixstowe, Western Ave, Buttermere Green 07:52  Felixstowe, Orwell Road, Bank Corner  15:06 
Old Felixstowe, Gosforth Way07:56  Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square    15:11  
Felixstowe, Grove Medical Centre, Colneis Rd08:00 Felixstowe, Grove Medical Centre, Colneis Rd15:12 
Felixstowe, opp: Great Eastern Square    08:02  Old Felixstowe, Rosemary Ave, Looe Rd15:14 
Felixstowe, Orwell Road, Bank Corner  08:05 Old Felixstowe, Western Ave, Buttermere Green  15:19 
Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square   08:10 Old Felixstowe, Gosforth Way 15:24 
Felixstowe Academy   08:16 Felixstowe, Grove Medical Centre, Colneis Rd 15:27  
  75/77 Trimleys to Felixstowe Academy (Operated by First Ipswich) 
 Mondays to Fridays  School Terms Only  
                                                                                  77                                                                                          75
Trimley St Martin, The Sausage Shop 08:12 Felixstowe Academy   14:55  
Felixstowe Academy   08:15 Trimley St Martin, St Martins Green  15:04 
173 Kirton/Trimley to Felixstowe Academy     (Operated by Ipswich Buses under contract to SCC)  
 Mondays to Fridays  School Terms Only  
Kirton Green 07:57              Felixstowe Academy  15:08                                              
Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way 08:00 Trimley St Mary, Faulkners Way 15:11 
Trimley St Mary, Three Mariners08:02 Trimley St Mary, Three Mariners15:13  
Trimley St Mary, Faulkners Way08:05 Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way 15:15 
Felixstowe Academy08:08  Kirton, White Horse   15:18