Felixstowe to Ipswich Train Timetable (Standard Class Only) (Update 18/09/2016)

 Mondays to Fridays
Felixstowe05:34 06:3607:4708:54 09:28  :28  21:28 23:01                                
Trimley05:3706:3907:5008:5709:31Then Hourly at  :31 21:3123:04  
Derby Road (Ipswich)05:4706:4908:0008:0909:41These Minutes:41Until 21:4123:14  
Westerfield05:5206:5408:0609:1409:46Past each Hour :46 21:4623:19  
Ipswich 06:0107:0208:1409:2409:54 :54 21:5423:27  

Ipswich05:04 06:04 07:14 08:2508:57 09:58  :58  20:58 22:28                  
Westerfield05:1006:1007:2008:3109:0309:04Then Hourly at   :04 21:0422:34 
Derby Road (Ipswich)05:1506:1507:2508:3609:0809:09These Minutes:09Until  21:0922:39  
Trimley05:2406:24 07:34 08:4509:1709:18Past each Hour :18 21:1822:48  
Felixstowe05:3006:3007:4008:5109:2309:24 :24  21:2422:57 
Felixstowe06:2807:28:28 21:28 22:58                                                                         
Trimley06:3107:31Then Hourly at  :3121:3123:01 
Derby Road (Ipswich)06:4107:41These Minutes:41Until 21:4123:11 
Westerfield06:4607:46Past each Hour :4621:4623:16 
Ipswich 06:5407:54:5421:5423:24 
Ipswich05:58 06:58 :58 20:58 22:28                                                                            
Westerfield06:0407:04Then Hourly at   :0421:0422:34 
Derby Road (Ipswich)06:0907:09These Minutes:08Until 21:0922:39 
Trimley06:1807:18Past each Hour :1821:1822:48 
Trimley10:28Then Hourly at  :2820:28 
Derby Road (Ipswich)10:38These Minutes:38Until20:38 
Westerfield10:43Past each Hour :4320:43 
Ipswich 10:50:5020:50 
Ipswich09:55  :5519:55                                                                                                  
Westerfield10:01Then Hourly at    :0120:01 
Derby Road (Ipswich)10:06These Minutes:06Until20:06 
Trimley10:15 Past each Hour :1520:15 

Sundays Replacement Bus Service Timetable (Operates Sundays 30 July + 6 August) 

Felixstowe (Outside Station)09:50:5020:50        
Trimley (High Rd Station Rd Bus Stop)09:55Then Hourly at  :5520:55 
Ipswich Derby Road (Rose Hill Primary School Bus Stop)10:15These Minutes:15Until21:15 
Ipswich (Station Forecourt)10:30Past each Hour :3021:30 
Ipswich (Outside Station)09:55  :5519:55    
Ipswich Derby Road (Rose Hill Primary School Bus Stop)10:05Then Hourly at    :0520:05 
Trimley (High Rd Station Rd Bus Stop)10:25These Minutes:25Until20:25  
Felixstowe (Outside Station)10:35 Past each Hour :3520:35  
Train Cancellations
If a train is cancelled (Almost a Daily Occurrence) A replacement bus will be provide but not guaranteed!
Replacement bus service is provided by "Panther Travel" (53 seat coach) Stopping at Trimley, Derby Road & Ipswich.
On busy trains once the coach is full remaining passengers will be not permitted to board.
Passengers travelling to Ipswich are advised to use "First Ipswich" bus routes X7 75 76 77 from Great Eastern Square.
Travel Free at your own risk as there is no conductor on replacement buses or ticket checks.
Replacement Bus Service only stop at the designated Rail Replacement Bus stops & will not operate to the train timetable!  
Outside the station
Trimley High Rd Station Rd bus stops (Buses do not serve Trimley station)
Derby Road
Outside Station Rose Hill Primary School bus stop
Station Forecourt