Felixstowe Area Schools and Colleges Bus Timetables (Operate Mondays to Fridays during School & College Terms)

Martlesham Heath - Bucklesham - Kirton -Trimley - Felixstowe School

Route No:  73 Route No:   73 
Martlesham Heath, Tesco Extra 07:44                   Walton, Felixstowe School 15:08                                                   
Brightwell, Post Box 07:53 Trimley St Mary, High Rd, Station Rd15:12  
Bucklesham, Main Rd, Primary School07:55 Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way15:18  
Kirton, The Green08:00 Kirton, The Green 15:23 
Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way08:03 Bucklesham, Primary School 15:26  
Trimley St Mary, High Rd, Station Rd08:07 Brightwell, Post Box 15:31 
Walton, Felixstowe School 08:09 Martlesham Heath, Tesco Extra 15:33 

Felixstowe - Trimley - Ipswich St Albans & Northgate Schools

Route No:  978 Route No:   978 
Old Felixstowe, Western Ave, Buttermere Green07:45                  Ipswich, Northgate School  15:20                   
Old Felixstowe, Looe Rd07:52 Ipswich, St Albans School15:30 
Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square 07:55  Nacton, Cross Roads15:48 
Felixstowe, Leopold Rd07:58  Trimley St Mary,  Hand in Hand 15:55 
Walton, High St, Half Moon08:04 Trimley St Mary, Three Mariners 15:57 
Trimley St Mary, Three Mariners08:10 Walton, High St, Half Moon16:00 
Trimley St Mary,  Hand in Hand08:13  Felixstowe, Leopold Rd16:02 
Nacton, Cross Roads08:19  Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square16:07 
Ipswich, St Albans School08:35  Old Felixstowe, Western AVe, Buttermere Green16:17  
Ipswich, Northgate School 08:42  Old Felixstowe, Looe Rd 16:20 

Felixstowe - Trimley - Ipswich Suffolk One 

Route No: S02 Route No: SO2 
Felixstowe, Grange Farm, Owl & Pussycat 08:25 Ipswich, Suffolk One 16:00  
Felixstowe Grange Farm, Crossgate Field08:27 Felixstowe, Grange Farm, Owl & Pussycat16:33 
Felixstowe, Grange Farm, Grange Rd, Primary School08:29                 Felixstowe Grange Farm, Crossgate Field16:35 
Felixstowe, Mill Lane, Surrey Rd08:30 Felixstowe, Grange Farm, Grange Rd, Primary School 16:37 
Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square08:32 Felixstowe, Mill Lane, Surrey Rd 16:38 
Walton, Half Moon08:34 Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square 16:40 
Trimley St Mary, High Rd, Faulknera Way08:35 Walton, Half Moon16:42 
Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way08:40 Trimley St Mary, High Rd, Faulknera Way16:44 
Ipswich, Suffolk One09:10 Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way16:50 

Felixstowe - Trimley - Kirton - Bucklesham - Otley College 

Route No:   007  Route No:  007  
Felixstowe, Garrison Lane, Coach Park 07:45                   Otley College  16:40                           
Felixstowe, Orwell Rd07:46 Bucklesham, Brightwell Rd, Primary School17:23 
Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square 07:50    Kirton, The Green17:30 
Walton, Half Moon07:53 Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way  17:34 
Trimley St Mary, Three Mariners07:56 Trimley St Mary, Three Mariners17:37 
Trimley St Martin, Howlett Way 07:59 Walton, Half Moon 17:40 
Kirton, White Horse08:03 Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square, Orwell Hotel17:43 
Bucklesham, Brightwell Rd, Primary School08:10 Felixstowe, Orwell Rd17:47 
Otley College 08:50 Felixstowe, Garrison Lane, Coach Park 17:50 

Walton (Felixstowe) - Nacton - Levington - Newbourne - Waldingfield - Kesgrave High School 

Route No:   512  Route No:   513    74 
Walton, Half Moon 07:40                              Kesgrave, High School 15:4615:45                  
Foxhall, Felixstowe Rd, Miller & Carter07:54 Waldringfield Heath, Crossroads     |16:10 
Nacton Primary School07:56 Waldringfield, Cliff Rd    |16:13 
Levington, Bridge Rd08:00 Newbourne, Fox     |16:20 
Newbourne, Mill Road08:11 Newbourne, Jacksons Corner    |16:22 
Newbourne, Jacksons Corner08:13 Walton, opp Half Moon    |16:40 
Waldringfield Heath, Crossroads08:20 Levington, Bridge Rd16:05  
Waldingfield, Primary School 08:25 Nacton Primary School 16:10  
Kesgrave, High School08:40 Foxhall, Felixstowe Rd, opp Miller & Carter 16:15  

Bucklesham - Kesgrave High School 

Route No   979 Route No:   979 
Ipswich, St Augustines Community Centre  08:20                                 Kesgrave, High School 15:45                  
Bucklesham, Shannon08:25 Brightwell, Post Box16:00 
Bucklesham, Primary School08:28 Bucklesham, Primary School16:03 
Brightwell, Post Box08:31 Bucklesham, Shannon16:05 
Kesgrave, High School08:45 Ipswich, St Augustines Community Centre  16:10 

The following Private Schools provide  home to school buses for the Felixstowe Area 
Ipswich School, Ipswich High School, Woodbridge School