About IBPTS Transport & Travel Consultancy Established 2001

Established in 2001, IBPTS has over 30 years experience within the Bus/Coach, Rail and Airline, Industries"


IBPTS is unique, in that we only provide extensive benefits to our clients in our specialist areas because we only work within our field of “Public Transport" and Air Travel” where all our proficiency is concentrated to produce high quality, objective and precise, value for money Consultancy, Monitoring, Management and Training Services.


IBPTS delivers a new prospective into “Transport and Travel" problems and solutions, through our exceptional relationships within the "Transport/Travel  Industries, Travellers and Procurers.


IBPTS advise their clients on the best options for their operation, to guarantee a value for money service to provide a solid return on investment.

  IBPTS supplies the following services:

Business Services 
Consultancy & Training for PSV Operators 
PSV Transport Management Solutions 
Local Bus Service Compliance Surveys 
Covert PSV Driver Assessments 
Bus Route Utilisation Surveys 
Covert & Uniform Bus Inspectors 
Bus Route Planning

Bus Route Operation Planning 
Timetables & Publicity Flyers 
Online Timetables 
 Mystery Travellers Bus-Rail-Air Travel 
 Travel Market Research  
Passenger Surveys

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